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What Our Patients Say about Graceland Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Graceland Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Dean Haldeman
Dr. Thomas Corbin
Dr. Emily Powers

Staff is Amazing

Dr. Haldeman is very professional, caring, and his staff is amazing!! The ladies at the desk are always friendly and they can generally get you on the schedule whenever you need. I had a massage with Chris, he was excellent! 5 Stars for sure. :)

Kristie C.

Flexible Scheduling

You guys rock! So understanding and the scheduling is very flexible.

Celia O.

Awesome Staff

The staff is awesome. Always helpful, flexible and super friendly! They treat you with such ease and professionalism. I’ve only been going there for a month and I feel 150% better! The office is also well kept and organized and I appreciate them having so many options.

Angel U.

Pleasant Environment

I was very pleased with the whole staff. They are so polite and helpful. It’s a very pleasant environment.

Cheryl L.

High Expectations

I honestly felt like I was not only being heard, but taken seriously about my pain. I have high expectations that progress will be made!

Jamie T.

Awesome First Visit!

Awesome first visit! The staff was extremely helpful from setting up the appointment through navigating my insurance options. The doctor listened attentively and made an enormous progress with me in our first day.

Rick L.

Staff Made Visit Relaxing

Very friendly and welcoming staff made visit easy and relaxing.

Jamie U.

Friendly And Welcoming

Very friendly and welcoming, this was my first experience ever with chiropractic services and I was initially very nervous when I arrived but the staff put me at ease and I am very grateful.

Cederick M.

Services Are Amazing!

Everyone is so nice. Services are amazing. I have talked about it with so many of my friends. Got good information.

Michael E.

Terrific Practice!

Terrific practice! My experience with Graceland Chiropractic has been one of the best I’ve ever had with a medical provider. The benefits from proper chiropractic care are far-reaching and long-lasting. I’m very happy that my first chiropractic visit was with Graceland Chiropractic.

Dave P.

5 Out of 5 Stars!

I’ve been to 3 other chiropractors in the Columbus area, this is the only place that made me feel like a million bucks after my visit! And this is the only place that took x-rays of my spine to actually identify my problem with facts instead of just guesses. I now look forward to my appointments instead of putting them off hoping I would feel better tomorrow. I give them 5 out of 5 stars!

Drew L.

Friendly and Helpful!

Emily and the staff are friendly and helpful. The doctors are nice and explain everything that they are doing. I was skeptical of chiropractic treatment but I was pleasantly surprised once I got into treatment.

Norm M.


Great staff, great facility!

Dave P.

Finally Feel Hopeful!

So happy to have found Dr Corbin. I finally feel hopeful!

Wendy S.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

The staff was “super friendly” – Dr. Corbin is so knowledgeable and can “foretell” what’s wrong even before you tell him! He’s such a gifted person! Very relaxed and peaceful facility.

Angelita C.

Enjoyable Experience

I truly enjoyed my experience! Dr. Corbin was attentive to my concerns and he was very knowledgeable in answering my questions. My family and I are extremely satisfied with Graceland Chiropractic!

Myra Dela F.

Can’t Wait to go Back!

Can’t wait to go back and continue on my back health journey.

Debbie L.

Great Atmosphere for Healing

The personnel working at Graceland Chiropractic are enthusiastic, fun, yet professional. It is a great atmosphere for healing one’s body. Relaxation and laughter are “little personal extras” and complement the medical procedures quite nicely.

Tom S.

Our Daughter’s Headaches are Gone

Brooke’s Story…

Our daughter, Brooke, began experiencing severe headaches at age 4. These headaches were so severe that each time she experienced one she would end up vomiting several times until the headache subsided. The frequency of these headaches ranged anywhere from five a week to only one or two a month. The only remedy that we could find for the headache was sleep and lots of it. It was not uncommon for Brooke to get a headache at noon and spend the remainder of the day in bed whimpering in pain. Seeing our daughter in such pain was very heartbreaking, not only because we felt helpless, but also because this is not how a childhood should be spent. She should have more energy than the two of us combined and spend these wasted hours exploring, playing, and just being a kid.

Prior to Brooke starting school, these headaches kept us from doing many family activities due to the fear that a headache would surface and we would be too far from home. Once in school, a whole new problem developed. Brooke was coming home from school way to often because of the headaches. Even through Brooke was a “straight A” student, her teacher and principal have state standards that must be followed for attendance and Brooke was not meeting these. During Brooke’s struggle with these headaches she had been seen by our family doctor and five different neurologists over a 4 year time span. After enduring what seemed like every medical test created, the only answers that my wife and I ever received were; a) she will grow out of it b) let’s try this prescription. Brooke tried several different medications and at one point was even on three different medications at the same time, all proved to be unsuccessful.

It was at this point that my wife and I decided to try chiropractic. During our first visit with Dr. Dean Haldeman he noticed that Brooke’s neck alignment was way off and that this could definitely cause headaches. He made a few adjustments to Brooke that day and we scheduled some weekly visits to maintain the alignment. The results were immediate and quite amazing. Right away we noticed that the severity of her headaches began to decrease. She was not vomiting from the headache and she could lay down for an hour or so and the headache would go away. Much better than the full day in bed that we were used to. We were so happy with the results that we removed Brooke from all of her medications.

Over time the frequency of the headaches drastically decreased as well. We are now at a point where a monthly visit with Dr. Dean for an adjustment keeps her headaches away. We are so happy to see our daughter able to have a normal childhood without medications. Thank you Dr. Dean!


I Can Run Without Ankle Pain Again

Angela’s Story…

It was in May of 2006 that I learned the true depth of chiropractic. Until then, I thought chiropractic only restored the spine to proper alignment. I had been visiting a chiropractor on an infrequent basis for years, but had never seen my doctor adjust an ankle, a knee or a wrist. As the spring weather improved that year, I “itched” to get outside for my first run of the season. However, I had not been able to run for more than 5 months due to the residual effect of a bad fall that I had right before the holidays of the previous year. I had tried to jog on the treadmill on multiple occasions over the winter, but the pain in my foot was unbearable. Deep down I feared that I may never be able to run again without pain.

The fall that December had been much worse than any previous. The bruise encompassing my ankle was the deepest shade of purple and the swelling didn’t subside for a week. Looking back, it was ridiculous that I didn’t seek medical attention immediately, but I feared having a broken ankle and enduring a cast during the holidays and the winter. Within a few weeks, I was back to my regular spinning classes and workout routine. However, with any impact on my ankle or foot the pain was crippling. I speculated that the source of pain was a broken bone that had healed incorrectly due to my negligence.

At this visit to my chiropractor in May 2006, I mentioned to him that I hadn’t been able to run outside this spring due to the pain in my ankle. He asked for more details and within seconds was examining my ankle. He told me that he found a misalignment and fixation of the ankle joint, but I don’t remember anything except the release of tension. It was as if someone had untied the knot in my inner foot that I had suffered with for months. It was then that I learned that chiropractic can restore the health of the spine and to all other joints in the body. The fear of never running pain free vanished that day and my confidence in chiropractic multiplied.


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